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The integration of technology is no longer an option for successful businesses. Instead of spending valuable time on the debate over using technology, organizations and businesses must instead answer specific questions to determine what technology is needed, what benefits it will bring, who will use and access different applications and what is the timeline for adoption. Use of their technology is best determined through the development and implementation of a digital strategy, and it must include the answers to these questions while also maintaining visibility of technology adoption.

Regardless of size or industry, every business needs to have and maintain a digital strategy, and RubinBrown can help. Your digital strategy should be aligned with your business strategy, and it will define how and when technology will be utilized in the future.



Harnessing Digital Evolution

How RubinBrown Can Help

Digital strategies can be tailored to your business complexity and growth strategies and will ideally include the following:

ERP and other enterprise software platforms

Timelines and drivers for phasing out legacy technology


Cloud strategy

Data and emerging technology potential

Online presence

Budgetary estimates

RubinBrown 150+ years of experience

Transformation Readiness & Planning

Digital transformation projects often impact businesses in unpredictable ways. Aligning business processes, job roles and responsibilities, training, reporting, compliance, data flow, and security along with innovative technologies and integrations can create excessive financial pressure and risk on an organization. It is rarely the technology alone that causes issues during an implementation, rather it is the migration from current to future state and alignment of the business with new capabilities of technology.

RubinBrown helps you create a sustainable and realizable implementation plan prior to launching a technology transformation. This is a different approach than a software vendor will take in that we focus on your unique business, needs, processes, and people rather than the technology alone, ultimately reducing implementation time, cost, and risk.

ERP Rescue/Project Recovery

ERP transformations are difficult. If you are beginning to see warning signs that your project may be heading in the wrong direction, RubinBrown is here to help. We will begin with an assessment and project health check to verify the root cause of any issues and current level of risk, and then help to format a recovery approach. We will target the areas of concern and format an actionable plan to bring your project back on track.


Project and Program Management


We have a proven track record of managing projects with highly successful outcomes, on time and on budget. We provide invaluable insight into the challenges and complications that are inevitably encountered in a project and help to manage all the resources involved for a successful outcome.

The success of a project, even after extensive planning and hard work, can hinge on the right project management. All projects have unique elements. Project Management is a vital component to keep implementation projects on time, on budget, in scope, and focused on the right pieces of your project at the right time. Project Management also helps to create standards, measurements, and governance for the entire company regardless of the project. This is often too much for internal resources who are already tapped out or don’t have the specific experience to maximize all facets of a project.

We mitigate risk and help keep your project on time, in budget, and in scope. Our professional project managers provide the comprehensive coordination required to manage change and implement projects to maximize the project’s value to your company. We offer a full suite of services to initiate, plan, implement, and maximize transformation and modernization projects of all scales and sizes throughout their entire lifecycle. This enables you to focus on core business operations while we ensure the work delivered meets your business requirements, is integrated within your organization, and provides the measurable value set out in your business strategy.

Quality Assurance & Risk Management

For larger or more complex projects, the need for higher-level oversight, Quality-Assurance (QA) or Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) become a necessity. Inclusive of risk navigation and targeted milestone reviews, Quality Assurance ensures alignment across teams and the various stakeholders and adherence to project goals and budgets.

When dealing with various software integration teams, data teams, change teams, process teams or multiple project managers, navigating pitfalls in the implementation needs to happen at the Steering Committee level. Our QA process integrates with project leadership to provide the input and confidence needed to help navigate difficult transformations.

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