With over 30+ years of experience across 50 ERP solutions, RubinBrown offers proven expertise for industry-specific needs and goals — so your business can run better, faster, and more profitably, now and in the future.



The way we work with you is unique because your company is unique. Each organization has its own challenges, goals, and opportunities. A cookie cutter approach isn’t in your best interest, so we don’t use it. Instead, we developed the KnowledgePath methodology and our Customer Success Program; both work together as a finely-tuned, individualized system to help you succeed.


KnowledgePath, our methodology, is the process that takes you through your project from beginning to end and beyond. KnowledgePath puts the focus on time-to-value. What does this mean for you? It means achieving your modernization or transformational goals without waste. We work to understand the objectives of your executive management and then partner with your teams to achieve your goals. Because it is tailored to you, we minimize the time and cost it takes to achieve tangible, sustainable results.


For all the benefits an ERP modernization or business transformation will bring, you will go through many risk points to get there. RubinBrown helps you mitigate the multiple risk points that all companies face when they undertake these endeavors.

Contrary to common thought, the highest risk for project failure does not lie within selecting the right ERP system. Although correct ERP selection is vital, the majority of your risk is woven into factors that are typically overlooked within projects until it is too late. We help you avoid these less obvious risk factors to keep your project on track, because the success (or failure) of these factors falls on you, not the software or the implementer. We help you turn these risk factors into strengths for both your project and company.

The Customer Success Program will help you:


Align your business needs with expectations and activities


Provide the right information to the right group


Reduce overall implementation time of system and processes


Successfully incorporate your ERP software with your processes and people


Attain company-wide success though effective change and training for the individual


Maximize processes, production, efficiency, and reduce cost overruns


Contact us today for a no cost, one-on-one discussion, so we can get to know you and give you the opportunity to understand how KnowledgePath and the Customer Success Program will directly impact the success of your project and keep you in a solid state of continuous improvement into the future. Simply fill out the form below, or send us an email.