How Can Process Optimization Ensure We are Customer-centric?

“I thought these new processes were supposed to streamline our work. It seems we’re getting more complaints from our customers. Did we redo these processes correctly?”

The easy answer is; not if you’re doing more work and getting less customer satisfaction. But the question that should be asked is; “Why did you change the processes?” Process optimization really only does its job when you have a laser focus on your goals.

“A process-based advantage delivers sustainable business performance and creates a foundation for business agility, high quality, and efficiency.” This statement comes from our process optimization information. The goal of this piece is to provide information on how to achieve business transformation through process optimization.

Companies that use process optimization to achieve such transformation develop a competitive advantage by creating superior operating models and enabling the right technology.

This allows them to focus the company on customer needs. Whether it’s Business Process Improvement (BPI), Business Process Management (BPM), or Technology Value Realization (TVR), the main purpose of process optimization should be to improve customer relations while at the same time reducing your costs.